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Below are links to the mostly used and trusted garden products on the market today. If you are looking for another type of product or options shoot us an email and we can give you a link to a product that works for your needs.

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Amazon Links -
5/8” Heavy Duty 50 Ft. Hose:
5/8” Heavy Duty 100 Ft. Hose:
Garden Nozzle Sprayer Kit:

5/8” Heavy Duty 25 Ft. Soaker Hose:
5/8” Heavy Duty 50 Ft. Soaker Hose:
Hose Outlet Timer:

4 in 1 Organic Miticide, Fungicide, Insecticide, and Nematicide:
Organic Indoor Pest Killer:
Copper Fungicide:
Insecticidal Soap:
Pump Garden Sprayer:

2 Gallon Multi Use Watering Pale:

1 cu. ft. Garden Soil:
8qt. Indoor/Outdoor Potting Mix:
4qt. Bonsai Mix:
4qt. Cactus Mix:

4lb. Deciduous Fertilizer:
8lb. Evergreen Fertilizer:
2lb. Outdoor & Indoor Fertilizer:
2lb. Fruit/Veggie Fertilizer:
6.75lb. Overall Slow Release Fertilizer:

Garden Tool Set:
Bonsai Care Set:

**We do not own or are affiliated with the products amazon is offering, we are simply providing links to the products we recommend using..** When you use these links they do help support this website.


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